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Welcome to McWha.org. This site is dedicated to the McWha family and its activities.

Most of the pages here will probably only be of interest if you know us, but welcome anyway!

I'm always interested in hearing from anyone the surname 'McWha', since there aren't many of us around. So drop me a line! One of these days I'd like to extend the family tree we have and try to link together all the McWha's out there on the internet.


The name McWha originates from Scotland, but we are all over the world now. There are McWhas in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA, amongst others. Most can trace their roots back to County Down in Northern Ireland.

The name seems to generate a lot of pronunciation problems, and there are even some differences of opinion amongst the McWhas! Here are some hints:

  • Mc-Waugh — like the former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh, or writer Evelyn Waugh
  • Mc-War — as in an armed conflict. This one really only works for people who don't pronounce "R"s at the end of words. It led my Aussie manager to come up with the phrase "McWha (huuh!) what is he good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again!". I'm pretty sure he was joking.


McWhas on the Web
http://mcwha.net — Owned by Robert McWha in Texas - but no site yet!

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